High-risk driving enforcement leads to seizure of unsafe trailer


2024-06-05 09:08 PDT

File # 24-16185

On May 24, 2024, Corporal Sommerville and Constable Tarape of Richmond RCMP joined the BC Highway Patrol for a Joint Forces Operation (JFO) targeting high risk driving behaviours along Richmond highways. The operation focused on Highways 91 and 99, with the goal of enhancing road safety through stringent enforcement measures.

At approximately 1:07 PM, Cst. Tarape observed a truck hauling a trailer that appeared to be in poor condition with an unsecured load. The trailer became destabilized directly in front of the police vehicle, as captured on the dash camera. The trailer was ordered off the road and subsequently towed. The truck’s license plate was also seized.


No audio.

Video description: Dashcam of Richmond RCMP vehicle captures truck pulling an unsecured trailer load and pulls them over.

00:00 to 00:06 Dash cam footage from a police vehicle shows a truck pulling a trailer with a metal box on it. It is driving in the left-hand lane and the police vehicle is in the right-hand lane. The trucks rear right hand turn signal flashing. It is about 4 car lengths in front of the police vehicle.

00:07 to 00:08 The metal box on the trailer falls backwards, its lid opens and some unidentified items fall out.

00:09 to 00:11 The police vehicle changes lanes behind the truck and activates its emergency equipment.

00:12 to 00:25 The truck with the trailer changes lanes, pulls to the side of the road and stops. You can see a variety of items inside of the metal box that tipped over. The police vehicle stops behind the truck.

00:26 to 00:27 The door of the truck starts to open and the screen fades to black. The RCMP crest and name in both French and English are displayed along with a copy write for the video belonging to His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2024.

The driver faces multiple charges, including:

Cst. Tarape’s quick action prevented a potential road incident, underscoring the importance of vehicle and load safety on our highways. Richmond RCMP emphasizes that securing loads properly is not just a legal requirement but a critical safety measure.

A reminder to the public: secure your loads
Richmond RCMP would like to remind all drivers of the importance of properly securing loads before travel. Insecure loads can lead to collisions, causing injuries or fatalities. Drivers should ensure that all cargo is fastened securely and that trailers are in good working condition, equipped with necessary safety equipment including breakaway devices.

For more information on cargo securement standards please visit Province of British Columbia – Cargo Securement.

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