Christmas shopping safety

It’s that time of year again where we all rush off to the local malls with our shopping list in tow to find the perfect Christmas gifts for our loved ones. The holiday season is a time for fun and festivity, so don’t let criminals be your scrooge this holiday season. Here are a few precautions that people can take when they venture out to do their shopping to avoid heartaches and disappointments.

Christmas gift

As much as shoppers see the holiday season as an opportunity to find some great deals, pickpockets and thieves also see this as an opportune time. 

In order to put a damper on criminal activity, follow these simple rules:


Everyone knows that shopping malls become increasingly busy at this time of year. Malls are a flurry of activity with shoppers rushing around, scurrying to find that last perfect gift to place under the tree. Often, people become so focused on the task at hand that they can lose track of what their children are doing or where they’ve wandered off to.

Parents are reminded to keep an eye on their little ones and to never use a video arcade or a toy store as a baby sitter. Sadly, children are abducted every year, often in malls or department stores. A good idea is to have a plan and ensure that your children understand it in the event that your children become separated from you. Suggest that they go to the nearest cashier to tell them they are lost, and to stay there for assistance.

Leaving your children unattended in shopping carts can lead to injuries from children falling or leaping out of the carts. Strapping your child into the cart is a good idea, but please be aware that this may still be hazardous to your children. They may struggle to get out and tip the cart over in the process. Parents should stay with their children and their shopping carts at all times. 


Parking is almost always a problem when it comes to the holiday season. If possible, park under lighting, and close to entrances or exits. Under no circumstances should you leave your children unattended in your vehicle, even for a short period of time. Place all of your purchases in your trunk to avoid drawing attention to your vehicle. Know that if you place your purchases in the back seat, you may return to your vehicle to find your windows smashed and all of your gifts stolen. If you use a GPS to assist you in getting from one place to another, a good idea is to remove it from plain view as well.

When your day of shopping is over and it's time to head home, a good practice is to have your keys ready when you approach your vehicle. By doing so, you avoid the clumsiness of trying to find your keys and juggling with your shopping bags, which delays getting into your vehicle. If you feel uncomfortable about walking to your vehicle alone in the dark, consider asking a security guard to escort you.

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